1.  Traditional curved-claw WT 8 lb / LN 11¼ in. Drives nails well and removes them with the rocking action of its curved claw.

2.       Body mechanic’s WT 0.8 lb / LN 11½ in. Used along with a small curved anvil called a dolly to remove dents from car panels.

3.       Lineman’s WT 2.4 lb / LN 15 in. Well suited to driving big lag screws and hammering bolts in utility-pole work.

4.       Chasing WT 0.4 lb / LN 10½ in. Designed to hammer and shape metal jewelry.

5.       Titanium framing WT 2 lb / LN 16½ in. A titanium body with a sixteen-inch handle for maximum nail-extracting leverage.

6.       Solid-steel framing WT 2.2 lb / LN 16 in. Its one-piece forged-steel design resists breakage, and the waffle-pattern face grips nails.

7.       Welder’s WT 1 lb / LN 11½ in. The weird-looking spring handle increases comfort and dissipates heat.

8.       Ball-peen WT 2.2 lb / LN 13½ in. The peen can be used to shape the head of a rivet or reach into small recesses.

9.       Tinner’s WT 1.8 lb / LN 12½ in. The sharpened cross-peen can complete a folded seam or set a rolled edge.

10.   Prospector’s WT 2.0 lb / LN 12½ in. The head breaks rocks apart and the pick splits them cleanly along existing cracks.

11.   Electrician’s WT 1.8 lb / LN 14 in. A long-necked hammer that helps electricians drive nails in hard-to-reach places.

12.   Drywall WT 0.87 lb / LN 8 in. Chops errant bits of drywall and sets nails without breaking through walls’ paper faces.

13.   Toolmaker’s WT 0.4 lb / LN 7 in. Used for delicate work in the machine shop. The hole in the head is a magnifying glass.

14.   Soft-face WT 1 lb / LN 11¾ in. Hits metal, wood, plastic, or composite when the surface must not be damaged.

15.   Tack WT 0.4 lb / LN 10 in. The split end of the head is, essentially, a horseshoe magnet for holding nails in place.

16.   Dead-blow WT 1.4 lb / LN 11½ in. An iron fist in a velvet glove. A nonmarring hammer that hits with tremendous force.

17.   Railroad-spike maul WT 12 lb / LN 34½ in. For driving a railroad spike into a creosote-soaked tie.

18.   Stone sledge WT 8.6 lb / LN 31 in. Basically, a giant rock-breaking axe.

19.   Blacksmith’s sledge WT 7.6 lb / LN 31 in. Ideally designed for shaping a bar of white-hot steel.

20.   Sledge WT 11.2 lb / LN 34½ in. Best employed to drive wedges or knock rigid assemblies together or apart.

21.   Bushing WT 3.4 lb / LN 15½ in. Looks like a three-pound meat tenderizer, but adds a rough texture to stone.

22.   Half-hatchet WT 1.8 lb / LN 17½ in. Half hammer, half hatchet, all business.

23.      Brick WT 2.2 lb / LN 11½ in. The chisel side scores a line around a brick. The hammer snaps the brick in two


Answer 1H, 2L, 3B, 4I, 5U, 6F, 7N, 8R, 9P, 10M, 11C, 12G, 13W, 14E, 15K, 16D, 17S, 18V, 19Q, 20O, 21T, 22A, 23Jhammer4

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