1/23/15 FUN FACT FRIDAY – – The new light bulbs.

LED bulbI’m a bit slow on the learning curve. But honestly, I do not understand all the hoopla of these new LED bulbs. So my mission is to learn enough to explain it in plain English. And try to understand the difference and importance of making the change.

#1 Efficiency – – a 60w Incandescent bulb actually uses 60 watts of power. Its replacement LED bulb with the same lumens, only uses 9 watts of power. WOW

#2 Life – – that 60w Incandescent bulb has an expected life of 17,500 hours. Its replacement LED bulb has an expected life of 25,000 hours. Again, WOW.

#3 Durability – – now this is important for me, who has dropped more than one light bulb from the top of a step ladder. Those glass shards can travel for miles ! ! ! The new LED bulbs are shatter resistant – the bulbs are made out of the same material as ping pong balls (ask the hardware team, they dropped one and it bounced – many, many times)

Not really that important – but they are just cool to take apart. Again these hardware people (I think they may need more supervision). They took one apart just to see how it worked. They still don’t understand how it works, but we know what the insides look like.

Each of these little orange/yellow squares emits light
(LED) – light emitting diods

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