The Christmas tree was adopted in upper-class homes in 18th-century Germany, where it was occasionally decorated with candles, which at the time was a comparatively expensive light source. Candles for the tree were glued with melted wax to a tree branch or attached by pins

The first known electrically illuminated Christmas tree was the creation of Edward H. Johnson, (since, known as the Father of Electric Christmas Tree Lights) an associate inventor of Thomas Edison. He proudly displayed his Christmas tree, which was hand-wired with 80 red, white and blue electric incandescent light bulbs the size of walnuts, on December 22, 1882.

In 1895, U.S. President Grover Cleveland proudly sponsored the first electrically lit Christmas tree in the White House.

By 1900, businesses started stringing up Christmas lights behind their windows. Christmas lights were too expensive for the average person; (normally costing a full week’s wages) as such; electric Christmas lights did not become the majority replacement for candles until 1930.

It was 1956 before outside Christmas lighting was used, late 1950’s before becoming a wide spread tradition.


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