snow shovels 2


  1. Versatile. Throws, lifts, or pushes. Scoop sides keep snow from escaping. Fiber core handle is lighter than wood.
  2. Garden-variety. Slices heavy snow and is good for other outdoor work, but the wood handle is heavy and short.
  3. Cheap, plastic. Plastic may flex too much and wear over time. Without a steel edge, the scoop won’t bite well into icy snow.
  4. He-man heft. It could actually be too big. You can use your foot to push it into a plow bank, but it takes a very heavy scoop.
  5. Wide, wobbly. Quickly fills with snow, and the one we tried wobbled. OK for a little light fluff on a hard surface.
  6. Ergonomic handle. The bend makes it hard to maintain an effective angle and awkward to throw to the side. You’ll need strong wrists.
  7. Yellow midsize. An ergonomic handle that’s better than the dogleg version; and you’re not forced into one grip.
  8. A pusher. The width and lack of sides mean it isn’t good for lifting snow. It will do for up to 4 or 5 inches of light snow

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